DigitalScope™ is a unique tool that permits the use of whole slide digital images. You can view slides on a computer the same way you would view them on a microscope. You can zoom in and out from 5x to 100x oil immersion using the tool bar, the mouse roller, or the page up and down buttons. Brightness and contrast can be adjusted and you can measure the diameter of a cell in microns by using the ruler tool.

The viewer will require that you download a Microsoft Plug-In called Silverlight™. Silverlight™ is free and downloads quickly.

DigitalScope™ can be used for annual competency testing, continuing education, and quality control procedures in any laboratory. It is currently used in the College of American Pathologists programs for Hematology, Parasitology, Bacteriology and Andrology.

The Hematology slides, linked below, have a drag and drop differential that allows everyone to look at the same cells and identify them in the same order. Click a cell number on the right and the viewer will take you to that cell in the smear. Drag the box to the appropriate category. The outline of the box will turn blue and the cell will be counted and the percentage calculated.

 The Parasitology slides use identification pins located on the left of the screen that can be dragged to an organism for identification.

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